Top 5 Resident Evil 7 Handguns Early To Late Game (And How To Get Them)


Jul 20, 2022

We all know that the Molded are just one of many antagonists in Resident Evil 7, but it’s also not hard to realize that they can be ANNOYING to try and kill, especially without a good weapon. If you’re more of a handgun type of person when it comes to fending off that weird personified mold, but aren’t sure where to get them and if they’re even worth it; you’re not alone. Before you pick your prized weapon and go taking down the Baker family - have a look at how these handguns fare against the very mold that you’re now comprised of, (Thanks, Jack...)

#5 - M19 Handgun


(You can get it twice, so don't worry if you didn't get it the first time.)

How To Get This Weapon

The M19 handgun is a bit confusing, as it’s technically the first gun you’ll get, but is also the third you can get. Basically, during the prologue you can pick this gun up in a room close to the attic after coming to blows with Mia for the first time; although, if you’ve played before, you know that it will be swiftly taken away from you (can’t really hold it without a hand anyway..). You can later grab the gun from the trailer in the yard of the Main House as a ‘broken gun’, and fix it using the repair kit you find under the stairs to the house. You’ll be able to do this as soon as you’ve achieved the three dog heads puzzle.

What’s to love about the M19?:

  • It uses handgun ammo, which is the most common ammo in the game; making it convenient to use and reload.
  • Does 120 damage and holds 7 rounds at a time, (3 less than the G17, but it makes up for it in firepower) plenty to take out enemies in early game.
  • It’s a step up from the pocket knife and G17, giving you motivation to get it again that second time.
M19 full details: M19 Handgun

#4 - G17 Handgun


(It does the job! Not the best gun, but is sure to get you through some rough patches early in the game.)

How To Get This Weapon

The good ole G17 is the first gun you’ll be able to keep in your inventory, and can be found after Jack Baker and cop David Anderson get into that infamous fatal scuffle (C’mon, that car part afterwards is pretty funny at least). The game doesn’t actually let you continue until you pick up the gun, so they put it directly in your line of sight to ensure you pick it up. Talk about convenience.

What’s to love about the G17?:

  • It holds 10 rounds compared to the M19’s 7, so if you’re not a very accurate shot, it’s a handy feature.
  • Similar to other handguns in the list, it uses the most common ammo. A gun using common ammo is a really big bonus because the other ammo types are either rare, or VERY rare.
  • The game basically hands it to you, so there's no work to find it which is great for speed running.
G17 full details: G17 Handgun

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