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Jul 17, 2021
Did you ever want to one trick a champion for League of Legends in the jungle lore? If you did let me help you out!

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We're back in the jungle and it's one of the most enjoyable and rewarding roles to play, despite being one of the most difficult to master. Take your time learning the role as it’s the most rewarding one. It will help you climb out of any ELO that you’re stuck in. While you're at it, you could become a one-trick pony as well. Being a one-trick means you excel at one thing while sucking at others. You can only play that champion well.

This can also be a double-edged sword because you're in a tough spot if your champion is banned or picked. But don't worry, these champions have a low pick rate and a low play rate, which makes them ideal for you to one-trick and learn.

Being a one-trick pony also means knowing your champion inside and out, and being able to cast their abilities without even looking at the range. That is what it means to be a one-trick pony, and believe me, it pays off. You'll be better than everyone else in the game, able to carry it and 1v9 in the majority of your games.

5. Viego


“No one shall take her away from me!” (Video by Challenger Lol Replays & VODS)
Lord Viego, the ultimate simp, has arrived. He was introduced at a mediocre event, and of course, he had to be dressed entirely in anime. Because resurrecting an undead king has to be sexy, right? It would have been ten times cooler if he had been a monster champion. Nonetheless, if you don't mind his looks, you should one-trick this champion 100%.

You can solo carry games with Viego even if you are a little behind. That's because you can always take over your opponent's dead bodies with his passive "Sovereign's Domination," and once you leave their bodies, you gain some health. The best part is that you become immune to damage for a few seconds while taking over the body. Viego can also CC enemies with his W "Spectral Maw'' and become invisible with his E "Harrowed Path."

His ultimate ability R "Heartbreaker" allows him to escape the possessed body before time runs out and explode in the area you choose. His clear speed is fast, and he can easily gank lanes if the enemy is pushing or overextending. Otherwise, you'll be forced to rely on your team, which is a no-no. Keep in mind that Viego possesses a variety of passive abilities. He's not a difficult champion to play, but he's difficult to master; once you're used to him, all you'll see on your OP.GG is a sea of wins.

Why Viego Is A Great Jungler For One Trick:

  • Doesn’t have a high ban rate or pick rate.
  • He can solo carry games after you master him and get used to his kit.
  • Viego dominates the mid to late game which is great for hard-carrying games.
  • He becomes invulnerable while possessing the body of the opponent.
  • He has great objective control.

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