Top 5 Best Guns in Pubg Mobile in 2022


Feb 27, 2022

Well, the best way to win the match is to have the best gun in the match. And, today in this small piece of article you will get to know about the Top 5 Best guns in the world's fastest-growing game Pubg Mobile. So, without any further delay, let's get started.

On what premise just these weapons are selected? What's more, another inquiry which can ring a bell is on what premise the rundown of the best weapons in pubg portable and bgmi is made. Thus, to be familiar with it here are generally the things which were considered prior to make this rundown of the best weapons in pubg versatile and bgmi.

  • High damage of the gun
  • Easily available weapons
  • Stability when firing
  • Most used assault rifles
  • Most preferable weapons in the game
  • Ammos are easily available
  • Most of them are not airdrop weapons except one

List of the Top 5 Best Guns in Pubg Mobile

1. M416

This is a weapon that I think every individual who plays the game likes and really likes to use over some other attack rifle. M416 is generally ideal for amateurs who have recently begun the game and need to become familiar with the game and investigate more.

This firearm is renowned for its low backlash and high solidness making this weapon the most ideal choice to splash on the foe with great harm too. The best thing about this firearm is that it isn't so interesting and can be found without any problem.

On the off chance that you dominated this firearm, you would be killing the foes in a matter of seconds. Every one of the expert players normally leans toward this firearm just over some other SMG or some other AR weapon.


2. Groza

However strong as this weapon may be, it is harder to track down it as it is just accessible in the drops. I think this weapon is the most incredible in short proximity and has the most harm among the attack rifles in the game.

On the off chance that you are utilizing this weapon with a red speck sight, it will be a monster, yet assuming you are utilizing any degree, eg. 3x or 4x it would be troublesome as it has high backlash, and it's difficult to control this weapon.

The main weakness is that its iron sight isn't excessively great and AKM has a superior iron sight. This weapon is probably the best firearm in pubg portable and bgmi as far as short proximity battles and harm.

3. AWM

I don't need to speak much with regards to this weapon since everyone realizes how strong this weapon is in the game. As a rifleman rifle in the event that we contrast it with different weapons, this firearm is a monster.

4. DBS

Popular for shooting relentless shotgun projectiles, this firearm is the most incredible in the game among every one of the shotguns. In the event that you have this weapon on you, naturally, you will feel sure about the game.

The best utilization of this weapon is the point at which you are caught in a hurry battle where there are numerous adversaries and every one of the carts and vehicles are surging towards you and you simply need to protect yourself and kill different foes in a moment.

5. MK14

One of the best guns in the categories of sniper rifles and the DMRs (designated marksman rifles). First of all, I want to tell you that this is a dropped weapon, and most of the time in the airdrops this weapon can be found easily.

And the best thing about this gun is that this gun worked best when set on the auto-firing mode and similarly it can be also used as a sniper rifle when the enemy is a bit far away from you.

Last words

Presently when you know the Top 5 best firearms in pubg portable and bgmi, which is the best weapon among these 5 as indicated by you, let me know in the comment section what do you feel about this list and if anything should be added or not. Well, this was a part of our how-to become a pro in pubg mobile series for more information you can check out here.
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Mar 1, 2022
M416 is the best gun since the beginning because of its easy to handle and good fire rate + good at mid and close combat
Though you can choose even better wepons depending on your situation as secondary wepon