Top 4 Handheld Gaming Console You Can Get in 2022


Sep 12, 2022
A handheld console is a portable gaming console that has all the features of a gaming console with its own built screen and controller. It can be played on the go without any additional external support. Here are the top 5 Handheld gaming consoles in 2022.

Top 4 Handheld consoles you can get in 2022​

Steam Deck​

The Steam Deck is one of the most successful and the best if not the best handheld gaming console ever produced in 2022. The steam deck run on SteamOS which is a Linux distribution developed by Valve. The steam deck has direct access to the steam gaming platform, so owning a steam deck gives you unlimited access to the steam game library with your steam account. What makes the steam Deck stands out from other handheld is the specification and it is quality built. The steam deck can also run window 11 which enable you to run any game emulator with it. This means you can play any game once you have the emulator. The steam deck is powered by a 4-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, an 8-core AMD RDNA GPU with 1GB video memory, 16GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage and a 7″ 60HZ IPS display

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