[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 3 American Planes That Are Powerful


Mar 25, 2021
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[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 3 American Planes That Are Powerful​

Updated: 26 Jun 2022 10:51 pm

Time for the greatest country in the world.
Michaello's picture BY: Michał Kalinowski

American planes are very versatile in terms of durability and gameplay, if you want to use them for boom and zoom tactics, then they are most definitely for you, perhaps you fancy bombing, then hell yeah, they are for you!
But this time, I’ll talk about the best T3 fighters. These planes basically are designed for dogfighting, destroying ground targets and being on top of the scoreboard thanks to them - without further blabbing, let’s start with the first plane!

3. P-63A-10 Kingcobra​


You’re probably wondering why this plane is named Kingcobra. Well, because it’s a malicious bastard - its powerful 37mm cannons can obliterate bombers to bits and are perfect for surprise attacks. If dogfighting though is not your thing, this plane can also carry bombs up to 1500 pounds and focus on bunkers, bases and other ground targets!
Why this plane is amazing:
  • 37mm cannons that destroy everything
  • Plenty of deployable bombs, use them if your team can’t be arsed to play the objective
  • Awesome dive speed, don’t have to worry about wings disintegrating at higher speeds
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