[Top 15] Resident Evil 7 Best Graphics Settings For The Best Experience


Jul 20, 2022
Do you guys have certain graphics setting preferences in Resident Evil 7, or do you tend to stick with the default settings? There are actually a good amount of settings that should be changed at the start of the game imo. I wrote an article about this if anyone wants to check it out!

When it comes to playing Resident Evil 7 on a PC, the graphics settings can be a little overwhelming. After all, there are 19 settings to go through! With so much to check, it’s hard to know which settings are worth messing around with to see what you like the most. Luckily, most games have it set to their believed optimal setting; but for those of us that like tinkering with it regardless, let’s look at what some of those settings do.

#15 - Bloom

A lot of these settings, as you’ll see, come down to personal preference and help to make the game feel more life-like. Bloom is one of these, as it boosts the amount of light a light source gives off. Basically, it makes the lighting in a game feel more realistic; but for some, they may not like that because by realistic, I mean REALISTIC. Well, at least for the games that implement it correctly. It can give off a bit of a glare, and hurt some peoples’ eyes when a game does it incorrectly, or just generally if people have more sensitive eyes.

So should you turn it on?

  • If you like more realistic light output coming from the sun, lamps, or anything of that sort when playing games, then I recommend you toggle it to ‘on’.
  • If a more darker and all around less bright view, but still bright enough to see, is more your style, stick with having it off.

#14 - Dynamic Shadows

This is another setting that provides a more lifelike feel to those who’re looking for that during gameplay. It casts real-time shadows and is another on/off toggle. It’s not the most important feature, but can be if you’re screen recording or posting your gameplay. Without this on, it doesn’t cast shadows at the rate you would see in real life and, in some cases, doesn’t cast any at all. Remember to turn dynamic shadows back on if you’d like to after you fight Marguerite, because the game turns it off automatically afterwards.

What should you set it to?

  • If you prefer full immersion and want shadows in your game to appear as they would in real life, then turn it on.
  • If harsher shadowing or less shadowing is more your style, turn it off.
  • All in all, it’s good to play with both before deciding, as there are quite a few differences between off and on.

#13 - Effects Rendering

Effects rendering is essentially just the intensity of the rendering of special effects in a game. Things like sparks, lightning, fire, and explosions are all an example of what this setting affects. It drums up the FPS however, so that’s something to keep in mind.

What should you set it to?

  • This setting can either be set to Low, Medium, or High; so if you want a lot of intensity in your game during action-packed moments, you should try it out on Medium or High.
  • If you want to save on a few FPS and don’t care much about the intensity of a few explosions, setting it to low would be your best bet.

#12 - Rendering Method

This setting can be toggled between Normal and Interlaced, and affects the performance rate and graphical details. Turning it to interlaced will sacrifice some of the graphics for a better performance rate. While normal keeps it, well…normal.

Should you choose Normal or Interlaced?

  • For those who don’t mind the normal frame rate and like the graphical qualities, keep it on the normal setting for your playthrough.
  • If you’d rather miss out a bit in the graphics department in exchange for that performance rate, try it out on interlaced.

#11 - Motion Blur

Motion blur can be a bit of an important one when it comes to how much you enjoy your gameplay. Have you ever been playing a game and suddenly you’re feeling a bit motion sick? This can come down to a few things, but one can be because the motion blur is on. Some people find it hard to play with it on, but others do enjoy the cinematic feel it can give the game (But trust me, you’re not alone if you take dramamine before playing certain games, so turning it off will help that.

Should you turn it on?

  • If you get motion sickness easily, or find that you think the game looks worse with this feature on, which is a common complaint, turning it off would be your best bet.
  • If you prefer a more cinematic experience when playing the game, turning it on may be best for you.

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