[Top 15] LOL Best Female Champions To Play (Ranked)


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Jul 17, 2021
This article right here is for all the bois and gyals where I ranked the best female champions in the game!

Read the full article here: [Top 15] LOL Best Female Champions To Play (Ranked)

Now, put down your pitchforks and torches. I know that appearances aren't everything, but let's be honest: everyone loves it when their main character is cute or hot. Unfortunately, I play a rat who is addicted to crack, but that's another story. I conducted extensive research for this article, primarily for scientific purposes, to provide you with the most accurate list ever created in human history.

This list is purely based on appearance, not strength but we’ll also touch on some of their power during gameplay and how strong each champion is. We also respect females, and everyone is beautiful in their way, but this is what the majority says after my conducting scientific research at the Black Mesa facility. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder unless you're Stevie Wonder. Let's get started with the article!

15. Elise


“Scared of a little spider summoner?” (Video by Mobalytics)
The first champion on this list is a nice lady who can transform into a large spider. That may be off-putting to some people, or you may be a secret freak who enjoys it; just don't tell your homies. Elise is a jungler-type champion with the ability to transform into either human or spider form from level one. She possesses a total of six abilities, all of which are beneficial. The spider form is for fighting, whereas the human form is for engaging in combat.

Elise's kit allows her to excel at ganking lanes and farming the jungle. She's an AP fighting mage who many people enjoy playing because she can survive team fights and can become untargetable with her E ability in spider form. She's also been very popular in Worlds 2022 recently, and for good reason: she can fit in almost any team competition, which has given the champion quite a boost in popularity in recent days. She also has a lot of nice skins, so you can change her appearance whenever you want if you have the money.

What Elise Excels In:

  • Elise is a great early-game jungler so use it to your advantage and carry the game.
  • Great at ganking lanes or engaging in team fights.
  • Has her ultimate ability unlocked from the start and at level 4 you have all of her 6 abilities unlocked.
  • She can become untargetable for a few seconds thanks to the E in her spider form.

14. Vi


“Put a dent into ‘em!” (Video by JJ drawing ART)
Our next lady is Vi, one of the main characters in the anime series Arcane. She is yet another jungler, but who doesn't enjoy punching things? This girl only punches, and you'll punch your way to victory! I can't promise it because playing her requires skill, which we don't have. In terms of gameplay, it's exactly as I said. You'll simply punch everything, and her entire kit is built around punching.

Vi dashes forward with her Q "Vault Breaker," her W "Denting Blows" removes armor, her E "Relentless Force" deals AoE damage, and her R "Cease and Desist" is where she charges at someone like a madman, no stuns can stop her. In the hands of an experienced player, she is a dangerous champion. Her looks are also stunning especially if you have the police officer skin. If you can handle someone hot-headed like Vi while she’s wearing the outfit she is your girl to play with.

What Vi Excels In:

  • Breaks the armor of her opponents and grants her bonus attack speed with the W.
  • The Q is a great dash that can allow Vi to go over walls or catch up to people who are far away. Also great for engaging in fights.
  • The ultimate ability stops Vi from being stunned or CC’d.
  • Tearing down houses where homeless people live.

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