Reviews [Top 15] LOL Best Defensive Items That Make You Hard To Kill (Ranked Good To Best)


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Jul 17, 2021
Do you have an issue about not surviving on the frontlines and dying easily while trying to protect your team? If that seems like a problem you have then this article is for you as I have listed the best 15 items that make you pretty much unkillable.

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Before we get into the article let me explain what defensive items are and what they provide to the player. These items provide the player with only health, armor, or magic resistance or it can be a mash of all three altogether. What you will buy only depends on the current match you’re playing and who you’re going up against. If you’re going up against a team that deals majority AD damage you won’t be building magic resistance and vice versa.

That’s the beauty of this game, no match will ever feel the same and in no match are you going to be building the same things over and over again, there will always be a different build path that you can take. With that knowledge in mind today I’ll be listing one of the best defensive items that this game can provide to the player. These items will range from the early game of the match all the way to the late game, additionally I’ll also be listing the reasons why this item would benefit the player and when you should be buying it. With that in mind let’s get into this article!

15. Cloth Armor (300 Gold)

“Hey this is pretty good.”

When we’re talking about defensive items it doesn’t get more basic than the first item on our list which in the ye olden times made you look like a peasant but in league it gives you armor. The beauty of this item is that it can be used to build even offensive items later on in the match or it can be used in a crafting recipe to build a fully defensive item, that all depends on you and the match-up you’re playing against.

Additionally the item provides the player with 15 extra armor which might not seem a lot but keep in mind that this item is specifically meant for the very early stages of a match hence the low price. In most situations it can mean the very life or death situation for the player when going up against an AD champion that can easily poke you from afar.

How To Get Cloth Armor:

To obtain this piece of armor all you have to do is head over to your base and purchase it for 300 gold.

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If you’re going up against an AD champion that can damage you from afar and you can’t return that damage.
  • If the enemy assassin is mainly targeting you in the early stages of a match.
  • The extra protection from the armor can save your life in certain situations.
  • The item is used in many different crafting recipes.

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