Opinion [Top 15] LOL Best AP Items That Destroy The Enemy Team


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Jul 17, 2021
Yo everyone do you think that you're not dealing a lot of damage when playing an AP champions or mage. If you have that problem then this article is for you as I have listed the best 15 AP items that completely destroy your enemies!

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Oh, AP items love them or hate them there is no outright counter to them especially if you’re playing a mage or an AP assassin that simply ignores all magic resistances on an enemy. Most of the AP items that I’ll be mentioning today have to do with increasing the damage output and blasting enemies into tiny little pieces.

Now if you thought that this isn’t fair you have to remember one fact about AP champions. Most of them don’t have a way of escaping if an assassin or tank gets too close. The only thing an AP champion can do then is to lay down and accept their fate.

15. Dark Seal (350 Gold)

“Hey kid, you like to gamble??”

Do you love gambling away all your power that you gained from battling countless enemies? If you do then this item is perfect for you. You see, this item has a unique passive ability where it will give 2 stacks per kill and 1 stack per assist to the player. Additionally, when you gain stacks you also gain ability power, you exactly get 4 ability power for each stack that you have on the item. That can go up to 10 stacks for a total of 40 extra ability power from it. That comes from its passive ability “Glory”.

At a first glance that might be insane but the item has a catch. Each time the person wearing the ring dies their stacks will be halved and they will have to get them all back up which can be very annoying and tedious. Don’t get me wrong the ring can be amazing if worn by people who have a safe playstyle and don’t die a lot but if you’re not one of those people it's best to not spend your hard earned gold on this item.

How To Get Dark Seal:

You can obtain this item inside of your shop which is located in your home base.

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If you’re able to use the additional power from the ring to your advantage to win your lane way easier.
  • If you know you can kill the enemy laner often.
  • If your champion can gank lanes and get kills without a problem. Because remember the more stacks the more ability power you’ll have.

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