[Top 15] League of Legends Best Ultimate Abilities That Wreck Hard!


Jul 17, 2021
Hey this next article is all about ultimate abilities that wreck hard!
Here's a link! [Top 15] League of Legends Best Ultimates That Wreck Hard!

In this article, you’ll read about the ultimate abilities that wreck hard and that are also really fun to use. Every champion in this game has their ultimate ability. Some are boring some are fun but that’s up to you to decide and your preference what you like in an ultimate ability! Almost every champion gains their ultimate ability once they hit level 6 but some champions are special and can have their ultimate ability unlocked instantly but it’s mostly a transformation ability. Something like Elise and Nidalee have. But enough of me rambling let’s get into some ultimate abilities.

15. Ryze “Realm Warp”

Blue man go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the other side

At number fifteen we have Ryze’s ultimate ability called “Realm Warp”. Well it’s simple as it gets. This ultimate ability teleports you from one place to another. You can also teleport your teammates or minions which could be used to push lanes more easily. On the fun scale I’d say this ultimate is like a 6/10 could be better but hey maybe you’ll find it more fun than I do who knows?

What makes Realm Warp great:

  • Teleports you from one place to another
  • Can also teleport your teammates and minions
  • Good to use when you want to push or try to escape an enemy gank
Ultimate details:

  • Sadly it has a high cooldown
  • It’s a channel ability that takes time to warp you from one place to another.
  • Doesn’t have a high range of warping

14. Garen “Demacian Justice”

Haha big sword much damage very kill

At number fourteen we have an iconic ultimate ability from League of Legends and that’s Demacian Justice. When it comes to this ultimate ability Garen slams a giant ass sword from the sky onto an enemy opponent executing them. On the fun scale, this is an easy 8/10. It’s really fun using this ultimate ability especially if the opponent is low HP as you should use it. Not only that but you also get a cool effect on your screen when you execute someone with it!

What makes Demacian Justice great:

  • An execute that gives you a cool effect
  • Fun to use
  • Slams a giant ass sword on the ground and opponents
  • In later stages of the game it can deal a huge amount of damage
Ultimate details:

  • Doesn’t have a high range to be used
  • Deals true damage
  • Cooldown is medium length