[Top 15] League of Legends Best Champions To Main!


Jul 17, 2021
Hey did you want to start maining some champions but don't know where to start? Well i hope this list can help you out!
Here's the link [Top 15] League of Legends Best Champions To Main

Well, it seems like you tried out most of the champions that this game has to offer but you’re still unsure on who to main and who to play. No worries this article might help you out on who to put your precious time and effort into. You don’t have to only main a specific champion you’d be called a one-trick then you can main multiple champions at the same time but always have that one champion that’s on top of everyone for you. Enough of me talking about nonsense let’s get into the champions!

15. Aatrox

At number fifteen we have Aatrox the world ender. When it comes to this champion he’s as badass as it gets. Aatrox is a top laner so if you don’t prefer top lane well he might not be for you. When playing this monster of a champion I can assure you that you’ll be slaying your foes left right and center once you get used to him. Not only that but he has healing like nobody else on the top lane excluding Yone but that’s a story for another time. So make sure that you poke the enemy as much as you can while in the laning phase. Also he has a lot of knock ups and a dash ability that’s on his E. With his W he shoots out a chain out of his sword which slows people and pulls them closer to the middle of the W ability. He’s kind of kinky like that teehee.

Why Aatrox is Amazing:

  • Lots of sustain during laning phase
  • Has a lot of knock ups
  • Has a dash ability which can be used to escape or run away
  • His R turns him into an angel of death pretty cool if you ask me.

14. Brand

At number fourteen we have Brand the fire guy. This guy wants to see the whole world burn. Why? I don’t know I didn’t read his lore that much but i did hear it was interesting so i might give it a shot. When it comes to playing Brand well he’s a support and a good one at that. This guy can “support” so good that he can solo carry the whole game. Brand is even being played at the top level of League of Legends. There are countless challenger players who play him and even some pro’s as well. The only sad thing about Brand is that he doesn’t have a dash ability which sucks in todays standards. But to make up for a lack of mobility he has a lot of damage.

Why Brand is Amazing:

  • Deals a massive amount of damage
  • Can solo carry the game if skilled enough
  • He’s a “support”
  • Fire guy sets everything on fire