Top 15 Best Minecraft Horror Stories To Watch

Katherine Michelle Cason

Nov 29, 2022
Scary stories can put a spooky spin on any vanilla Minecraft game. Nightmare-inducing stories called Creepypastas have turned the peaceful, mellow world of Minecraft into a battle to survive. The stories are all unique, some more terrifying than others. But, regardless of how different one story is from the next, they all have one thing in common. They are all incredibly entertaining.

Check out these 15 Minecraft horror stories!

15. Twisted Steve by RayGloom Creepypasta​

Minecraft Creepypasta | TWISTED STEVE

A simple adventure with friends in the peaceful world of Minecraft. The friends have built a house and are surviving and exploring the world around them. However, on their most recent ventures out, they came across an unusual occurrence. But, as suspicious as they were, they returned home.

That’s when the story becomes a bit more spooky. One of the friends spots a haunting figure lurking in a nearby cave upon their return. However, when the others come to investigate, it disappears. A rainy, gloomy mist surrounds them suddenly, so they light torches and continue into the caves. Deep within the caves, they come across a spawn point that disappears almost immediately.

It isn’t long before there’s only one friend left; the others are mysteriously missing. He is alone. He is scared. He is being hunted. Suddenly, the friends' deaths show up; they’ve been killed by... Twisted Steve? Another form of Minecraft Steve is sick, twisted, and distorted. He lures you through a portal, and suddenly you’ve died.

14. Can’t Sleep by RayGloom Creepypasta​

Minecraft Creepypasta | CAN'T SLEEP

Imagine loading onto an abandoned server. After spending a long day mining and crafting, you are exhausted. You place your bed, shut the lights off, and try to rest. But, instead of your eyes shutting, you get the message, "You may not rest now; there are monsters nearby."

So, of course, you have to kill them before you can rest. Venturing into the darkness, you kill all the monsters you can find. Skeletons, spiders, and anything else in your path. However, when you return to your bed, the message appears again.

The only thing to do is keep searching for the monsters keeping you awake. You find another random monster stuck below your house, kill it, and return to your bed. Again, the message appears. How could there be more monsters?

You run through a list of ideas: moving your bed, using TNT, etc. But, still, the message appears and doesn't allow you to sleep. The moon rises, and suddenly you realize it's not moving. Are you stuck at night?

The video tells the tale of Rife and his venture onto an unknown server with only one other player. Unfortunately, he soon realizes something is not quite right. Endless nighttime, overwhelming exhaustion, and frightening creatures soon send Rife into madness. It’s an interesting story, and the video is well-edited to provide you with the details in an entertaining manner.

13. We Are Not Your Friends by MrHoneyBun​


After coming across a server that appears to be abandoned, a group of friends begins experiencing some odd events. This particular day started like any other. They prepare to fight the Ender Dragon. However, when they set off, something strange began to happen.

The story is told from one friend's perspective, with the unusual happenings panning out slowly. The first sign that something was off was that the sun wouldn't set. But then, sometimes you don't notice things like that. The more concerning fact is that the guys' friends begin to act strange.

One by one, the friends begin to say strange, irrelevant things and act odd. Breaking things, threatening other players, and eventually... disappearing. Before he knows it, all of his friends have gone missing with no explanation as to what happened.

Suddenly, they all arrive back at the server. But something is very wrong when they approach the narrator. They begin to attack with no reason whatsoever. They are not his friends at all. As the story goes, the guy went back to school the next day to find out that his friends got kicked off the server and their computers crashed.

The entertaining video is rather chilling; it makes some squirm in their seats. The story itself and the "footage" to prove it are especially spooky. It's an amusing piece of work, and you'll want to watch it more than once.

12. Billy by WildDogXD​

Minecraft CREEPYPASTA: Billy (Feat. GhepoMC)

In search of a record, "13," two friends begin their descent into a mineshaft. Unfortunately, after some time, they were still unable to find the records. So they decided it was time to move on. But, as they turned a corner, they caught a glimpse of something in the distance. Something odd...

They come across a sign that says, "Can we be friends?" It's weird because neither friend appears to have made it, but they were the only ones on the server. They argue and continue on their way.

Upon reaching the surface, they begin receiving chat messages, "Let's be friends," from someone named Billy. Suddenly, a white creature with a creepy smile appears and begins following them. The chat messages continue as he follows them. Then it turns disastrous.

Billy follows them with a scream, "WE WILL BE FRIENDS." Repeatedly. Finally, the friends are cornered with nowhere to turn. Billy, with his spine-chilling smile, kills them. After going over the footage again, they realize that Billy has been following the whole time, lurking in the corners of the screen and waiting to strike.

This is an incredibly spooky video, with shocking footage of what could happen in your Minecraft world. The worst part is that you may not even realize it until it's too late. The theme music is timed at just the right spots in the video to add tension to the already freaky story. It's a brilliant video that will leave you wondering if Billy is lurking in your world.

11. Mariqui by Ghepo MC​

The Story Of Mariqui - Minecraft (Feat. WildDogXD)

One of the few creatures with the exceptional capacity to influence players not only in-game but also in real life is Mariqui. Once you're chosen as a target, things will never be the same.

The story goes: One day, an anonymous player called his friend, Josh, to play with him. However, when they joined the server, Anonymous' house was on fire, with a sign that read: MARIQUI101. But he assumed that it was just his friend trolling him. The friend even helped him rebuild.

Suddenly, a disturbing message appeared in the chat: Mariqui has joined the game. But, when anonymous checked the players, it was only him and Josh. When his other friend, Roy, joined, things began to get worse. The mysterious player was spotted, and Roy began to attack. But then Roy left the game.

Anonymous tried to call Roy, but there was no answer. Then he heard loud screams from down the street, where Roy lived. Anonymous then received the email from Roy's account that ruined everything: MARIQUI WILL FIND YOU. Then Josh disappeared too. Sadly, neither friend was seen again. To this day, Anonymous lives in fear of Mariqui.

While this story is not the content creators' own creation, the video is their version of events. Its eerie sound effects are perfectly symmetrical to the spooky vibe that the video intends to give off. The editing is well-done and makes for quite an entertaining video.


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