[Top 10] LOL Most Toxic Champions That Are Great


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Jul 17, 2021
Here's quick article about the most toxic champions for League of Legends!

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Let’s start this off with a question. What is a toxic champion? Toxic champions are created to annoy people, to instill rage in us to hate them. Some champions are toxic because of their abilities while others are because of the people who play them.

Of course, not everyone is like that but most people are. Why was it a good idea to create such champions? I will never know and Riot Games has never told us that. Over the years there have been toxic champions that have been reworked so they aren’t that hated anymore but for others, it’s a different story. Now that you know what a toxic champion is, let's get into this list.

10. Udyr

“Man vs Wild.”

For our first toxic champion, we have Udyr the spirit walker. The main reason why this guy can be annoying is the simple fact that he’s unkillable most of the time. If you’re in a 1v1 situation against him you simply don’t win. You tuck your tail between your legs and you run away. Udyr can transform into 4 different animals which gives him different abilities.

His Q is a tiger that allows him to attack faster and deal damage over time, his W turns him into a turtle which gives him a shield and a ton of armor, and his E turns him into a bear giving him a lot of movement speed and he’s able to stun people with an auto-attack. When it comes to his R he turns into a phoenix that deals AP damage but nobody uses that.

Now once Udyr starts combining his Q, W, and E that’s when he becomes annoying to deal with. If he’s about to die he can simply use W to shield himself and regenerate HP. If someone is catching up to him he can stun the enemy and run away because of the movement speed. You can’t win against this guy in a 1v1 it’s impossible.

What’s Great About Udyr:

  • Udyr can turn into 4 different animals that give him different abilities.
  • Impossible to lose a 1v1 with this champion.
  • If Udyr is about to die he can turn into a turtle and shield himself from incoming damage.
  • Udyr has a point-and-click stun ability thanks to his E.

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