[Top 10] LOL Best Carry For Low ELO (That Wreck Hard!)


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Jul 17, 2021
Welcome to the article where I will rank the champions that can carry you out of low ELO!

Read it here: [Top 10] LOL Best Carry For Low ELO (That Wreck Hard!)

So you're stuck in low ELO hell and can't get out? Do you believe you're playing well, but you can't carry the match because your champion is weak? So, don't worry my friend, today I'll show you the best champions in the game who can carry the game alone even if your entire team is behind.

These champions instill fear in your opponents simply by existing because they don't know how to counter them. Even if they know how to counter them, they are powerless to do anything because they lack the necessary skills. I'll make sure to mention at least two champions for each role so that no one feels left out. Yes, even support can carry games by keeping their team alive or taking the damage upfront.

Why are these champions important, and why should you pick them? In low ELO, these champions are simply kings and cannot be defeated, whereas, in higher ELO, they suck and are difficult to play and succeed at. Because skill and macro are everything in this game, and when you have both, you are unstoppable.

10. Soraka


“None shall die on my watch!” (Video by League of SUPPORT - LoL Replays)
I'm sure you weren't expecting her to be on this list. Keeping your teammates alive is one way to get yourself out of low ELO. Most of the time, they will keep running into the enemy, thinking they can take them on while everyone else is shooting at them. In reality, they can't, which is where Soraka comes in.

Soraka can keep healing her teammates with her W "Astral Infusion" as long as she has HP. Soraka can also regain some of her HP from her Q "Starcall." This ability is also useful as a poking tool during the laning phase because it deals a lot of damage. During team fights, she can use her E "Equinox" to silence the enemy team and prevent them from casting any abilities, and her R "Wish" can heal the entire team across the entire map.

It's a great ability to save anyone who is about to die to a gank, or if someone is attempting to dive an opponent, or simply to correct mistakes made by your team. Soraka is ideal for players who don't want to deal with carrying matches and instead prefer to relax while playing. Your main priority would be to keep your team's carry alive.

Why Soraka Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • She can heal her teammates with W as long as she has HP.
  • Able to heal the whole team with her R.
  • Fixing the mistakes her team made and stopping them from dying without a reason.
  • She’s able to silence the enemy team during fights with her E.
  • Great sustain during the laning phase thanks to her Q.

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