[Top 10] League of Legends New Champions That Are OP!


Jul 17, 2021
This list is all about the newest champions that came out that are still broken and OP!
[Top 10] League of Legends New Champions That Are OP (Latest Patch)

So you want to play some new champions but you’re not sure where to start or who to play but at the same time, you don’t want to play someone who’s underpowered well worry not this article is for you. Here you’ll only find the best of the best, the most OP champions in the game that also just came out recently. Don’t worry learning these champions won’t take you long. Just a few games here and there, a few reports maybe a ban somewhere here and there who knows anything can happen. But anyway enough of me blabbering about pointless things let’s get into the champions!

10. Aphelios

At number ten we have Aphelios the guy with a lot of weapons.. Once you start reading his abilities it will take you a long time to read it all because this guy, let me tell you does a lot of different things depending which weapon he’s using. Each weapon does a different thing for example you can have a sniper rifle and a shotgun combination. Now once you use the shotgun you have a smaller attack range but with the sniper, you have longer attack range simple right? Well depending on the fact which weapon you’re using your Q ability changes as well as does your ultimate ability effect. Also, did i mention that each weapon comes with only 50 bullets? Yeah…. Have fun!
Why Aphelios is OP:

  • Can not be nerfed at all riot tried but didn’t succeed
  • Has a lot of different abilities so you won’t get bored quickly
  • OP af can not be stopped once he gets rolling.
  • Can 1v9 easily

9. Lillia

At number nine we have Lillia the deer. Well, this champion can run and when I say she can run I mean that she runs. She’s faster than Keemstar himself. With this champion, you’ll be spamming your Q ability and running around the opponents not caring about a single thing. You’ll be dodging skill shots left right center while imagining you’re some kind of a professional player. Don’t worry this champion can put people to sleep with her ultimate ability which is really useful in team fights. When it comes to Lilila and her other abilities she can smack the ground and send horny people to horny jail or toss a ball that slows people.
What makes Lillia OP:

  • Has a lot of movement speed being able to run in circles around your enemy
  • Can put people to sleep great in a team fight
  • Can send horny people to horny jail