[Top 10] League of Legends Most Evil Champions!


Jul 17, 2021
Are you tired of playing a good guy or a hero in League of Legends and simply just wanna be an evil person well now you can! In this list you can find out who the most evil champions are!

Do you play League of Legends? Are you sick of playing this stupid game and wanna get more involved with its lore? Well, this game has plenty of lore and pretty interesting lore at that, but it also has some champions that are kinda evil - some of them are a little evil, some of them are on the average level of evil, and some of them are mega-hyper-super evil who make babies cry. So I'll be talking about some crazy mofos that have pretty sick backstories, so sit back, get your popcorn, maybe some soda, and enjoy this rather unorthodox article.


You might think to yourself, how is this guy evil - there's nothing out of the ordinary with his biography, he's not selling shrooms to kids after they finish school... it's about his abilities. Let's start with his Blinding Dart, which made multiple people he played against break their keyboards and go on a shooting spree - it causes your target to take relatively high damage and be blinded for 2.5 seconds(at max lvl) - there were countless times of me dying to a Teemo with 20 HP because of this imbecilic spell. Let's talk about another ability called "Toxic Shot" - this one slowly deals poison to you and serves as a great poking ability in the laning phase, I guarantee you that it will make you baby rage and make you reconsider your life choices, shortly after dying under your tower - while Teemo is laughing at you. And finally, let's talk about his totally balanced ultimate - "Noxious trap". This is a very good one, Teemo can place as many mushrooms on the map, which will give him vision if enemies step on them AND DAMAGE THEM, HE CAN LITERALLY KILL THEM WHILE BEING IN BASE! WHAT A BALANCED CHAMPION, GOOD JOB RIOT

What makes this champion great:

  • Burst damage
  • Shrooms stay and kill you slowly and painfully
  • Slow/DoTs/Speed buff
Teemo details:

Teemo, the Swift Scout - League of Legends

Teemo in action:

9.Tahm Kench

Bad fish.
This is a very, very, very bad fish that will tease you with tempting offers that at first glance might seem innocent, but addictive at the same time. He will slowly take more and more from you as you accept his bargains and eventually leave you with little to nothing. There's one story of an inventor that at any price wished to become famous, and luckily for Tahm, and unluckily for our inventor, he asked for a single lock of her hair - she naively said yes and it landed her a contract. This didn't satisfy our poor victim, so Tahm came in again and this time asked her for all of her locks. Then the tip of her finger... then an ear.. around a year has passed and she no longer wished to prolong her misery, the good guy Tahm swallowed her whole, laughing before doing so. Tahm Kench is an asshole and a king of deceit, he cannot be trusted at all and all of his offers must be declined, otherwise, he'll ruin you with your own greed and consume you. Don't mess with him!
What makes this champion great:

  • AoE Damage
  • Crowd control
  • Saves teammates
  • Really tanky
Tahm Kench details:

Tahm Kench, The River King - League of Legends

Tahm Kench in action: