[Top 10] League of Legends Best Waveclear Champions!


Jul 17, 2021
Did you ever need to clear out a huge wave so you can either push or defend your base? If you have been in that situation these champions will make your life a lot easier!
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Pushing potential, mastering the art of wave clearing, and holding your enemies against the towers is one specialty these champions succeed at. Wave clearing is useful when pushing against your opponents or when trying to defend your base when all your inhibitors have fallen.

Every team needs at least one champion that can clear a wave fast and if you’re the last pick and they haven’t picked that certain champion well you can fill in the gap. That’s what today’s article is all about. You’ll learn about the best champions that can clear a wave in no time!

10. Jinx

Harley Quinn of League of Legends!

Let’s start our list off with a crackhead called Jinx an ADC champion. Not only is she the star of the upcoming League of Legends anime show “Arcane” but she’s also the star when it comes to pushing waves.

What makes her so special at wave clearing is all thanks to “Fishbones” her rocket launcher. Once she switches to “Fishbones” she deals AoE attack damage but at the cost of losing mana each shot. Fishbones deals a decent amount of damage to minions and champions.

He’s really useful when there’s a huge wave that needs to be cleared so you can quickly push the wave or when your opponents are looking to dive you under the tower and you need to get those pesky minions off your back. Jinx doesn’t care if the minions have a family she will shoot them down regardless of that so watch yourself when you’re playing against her!

What makes her great for Waveclearing:

  • AoE attack damage thanks to “Fishbones”
  • In the late game, she has crazy auto-attack speed which means your opponents won’t have a fun time trying to push you
  • Fishbones doesn’t take a lot of mana to use
  • Watch the upcoming show Arcane Jinx is the main star
See Jinx Waveclear:

9. Tristana

The bomb has been planted!

Here we have Tristana “the Yordle Gunner” another ADC champion. The reason why Tristana is a tiny bit better than our crackhead Jinx is that Tristana can easily escape unwanted situations with her W “Rocket Jump” that can be reset upon getting a kill or fully detonating your E “Explosive Charge” on a champion.

This E ability is also why Tristana is good at wave clearing. A single “Explosive Charge” can clear out a whole wave of minions. You can even roleplay that you’re playing CS: GO and yell “Bomb has been planted” with this champion. In the late game, this ability can shred through anything and yes that includes champions who have over 3k HP.

The best part is that this ability doesn’t use up a lot of mana! So you can be planting your bombs anywhere you want.

What makes her great for Waveclearing:

  • One E “Explosive Charge” can clear out a huge wave alone
  • Rocket Jump allows her to escape unwanted situations which you can use to clear out waves in the late game without worrying that you’ll die!
  • A midget champion which means she has a smaller hitbox ;)
See Tristana Waveclear: