[Top 10] League of Legends Best Mid Laners That Wreck Hard! 11.13


Jul 17, 2021
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10. Twisted Fate


Look at those colorful cards hehe.

At number ten we have Twisted Fate “the Card Master”. Ah yes, the gambler. With this champion you have to roam thanks to his ultimate ability. Twisted Fate is the type of guy who cheats in poker, he always has an ACE under his sleeves so he can win. When it comes to his abilities his Q is a skill shot where he throws 3 cards in 3 different directions. When you press his W Twisted Fate will start shuffling his cards. You can pick from 3 cards: Blue, Red and Gold. Blue deals a lot of AP damage and restores your mana, red Card slows and golden card stuns. His gold card is the most useful one because it’s a point and click CC. Please for the love of God make sure you use this one when your jungler finally decides to gank. . He stacks his E by auto attacking and once he’s at 3 stacks it deals bonus damage. And now his ultimate is really useful for roaming and helping out your dear team. The first time you press your ultimate it reveals the enemy team and the second time you press your ultimate ability it teleports you to that location. Twisted Fate then materializes out of nowhere like he’s some anime protagonist.

What makes Twisted Fate a Great Mid Laner:

  • Great for roaming
  • Has a point and click CC
  • Really versatile on how you play him
  • His passive gives you extra gold for killing minions
  • Great for revealing enemies and their nasty strategies thanks to his ultimate ability
Here’s a more detailed description of Twisted Fate and his abilities along with an ownage video:

Twisted Fate (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

9. Yasuo


Younger wind shitter.

At number nine we have Yasuo “the Unforgiven”. Ah yes the brother of Yone coming straight from the Wind Shitter family. When you have this guy in your team he will either carry or cry like a little baby because he didn’t get ganked enough. When it comes to Yasuo, he's pretty fun to play. His Q works the same way as Yone’s. You have to stack it. The first two stacks he just slashes in a target direction, the third stack he launches a tornado. Don’t worry you’ll miss this ability 90% of the time and hit someone’s poor grandma across the universe and send her to the emergency room. His W is a wind wall that blocks ranged auto attacks and all missile abilities, laser type abilities go through. With his E he just dashes around not caring about a single thing. He can dash through minions, champions, dragons, barons, anything that’s alive and that’s an enemy unit. Here comes the juicy part. When someone is airborne you can use his ultimate ability. Yasuo instantly dashes to them, keeping them knocked up for a short duration dealing damage. Every Yasuo player gets their power spike at 0-10 but all in all, he’s a fun champion to play.

What makes Yasuo a Great Mid Laner:

  • Can deal a lot of damage late game and potentially 1v9
  • His W blocks everything around him protecting his virginity
  • Dashes around with his E
  • You can do lots of fun combos
  • Heals a lot for whatever reason
  • His passive is a shield that protects his virginity even more
Here’s a more detailed description of Yasuo and his abilities along with an owange video:

Yasuo (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

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