[Top 10] League of Legends Best Mid Lane Champions!


Jul 17, 2021
Are you worried about not climbing and not reaching your desired rank? Well worry not this list is all for you!
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Here we are at the role that everyone loves to play even your grandmother. I kid you not every player in this game has played this role at least once or they main it. The reason for that is because this role can solo carry the match and impact the game in their own way.

Also as a mid laner you can help out your whole team. If your bot lane is doing badly you can skedaddle skadoodle your way there and help them out. The same goes for your top laner and your jungler. One note that I want to implant in your brain is to help out your jungler, please.

You won’t lose your mid-lane because you were gone helping out your jungler for a few seconds. Those three or four minions you lost won’t matter all that much in the long run trust me!

10. Syndra

Love her or hate her idc but she's fun to play!

Let’s start our list off with Syndra the girl who loves playing with balls and showing them right in your face until you’re dead.

Syndra has the power to save herself from an incoming gank by pushing the enemy jungler away with her E. Syndra’s Q spawns balls where your mouse cursor is pointing at and with the W she can either pick up minions or the balls and throw them at a target. The ultimate ability of Syndra allows her to chuck all her balls at a target dealing massive damage to their head probably giving them brain damage.

Syndra is also known for her high damage output and the chance to one-shot opponents simply with her ultimate. The sole reason for Syndra being so far up the list is because she has no mobility. She has no dashes or gap closers. The only thing that she can use to catch up to people is her E if she manages to CC them that is.

But if that’s not an issue for you go right ahead and play Syndra I highly recommend it!

What makes her great for Mid:

  • High damage output, high potential to one-shot opponents in later stages of the game
  • Syndra can poke from a safe distance without taking damage or losing a trade
  • E can be used to push people away from you or to catch people who are trying to escape
  • Has experience playing with balls ;)
See Syndra Own Mid:

9. Cassiopeia

Slippery snaek

Now we have a slippery snake named Cassiopeia. Biological sister of Katarina. You can’t buy boots on this champion but her passive allows her to gain movement speed by gaining levels and by spamming her Q ability. Once she starts sprinting at you there’s no stopping her. Good luck if you’re trying to escape. Because you won’t let me remind you that.

Her other abilities also compliment her bonus movement speed nicely. Cassiopeia spits out poison on the ground with her W slowing everyone who’s in it and they can’t use any of their dashes or flashes. Her E is an empowered auto-attack that deals more damage if the target is poisoned. Last but not least her ultimate ability turns people rock solid once they’re in ultimate ability range.

Talk about being hard heh.

What makes her great for Mid:

  • Solid into any team composition, so don’t worry when to pick her
  • Can gank side lanes effectively thanks to her CC ability from her ultimate
  • Ultimate ability can also be used in a losing team fight to turn the tables around
  • W is pretty good against champions who have a lot of dashes someone like Yasuo or Akali
See Cassiopeia Own Mid: