[Top 10] League of Legends Best Junglers Latest Patch!


Jul 17, 2021
Have you ever wondered and asked yourself what the best Junglers are for League of Legends? Well if you have make sure to read this!
[Top 10] League of Legends Best Junglers (Latest Patch)

If laning is too hard for you go jungle. If you are playing LoL, you’re probably sick of playing against OP champions that will dominate you and make you question your sanity and point of this world but don’t worry any further, LoL has a map designed in such a way in which you can go jungle hit minions and not care about a single thing in the world. Then proceed to get reported for staying in the jungle for a good 40 minutes! Unless you wanna be more useful and gank other lanes for your cores this way you’ll get rewarded with honors by your teammates and you’ll live in harmony. Alright, enough talking let’s get started with our first jungler.

10. Irelia

Irelia is one of those champions with which you can single-handily win the game. Sometimes games get so odd that the so-called “counters to Irelia” that you’re playing against will get smashed in the first 20 minutes of the game. Not only that she’s sexy and OP, she’s also a decent jungler. But why is she good in the good old jungle? Mostly because of her passive which grants her high attack speed and bonus attack damage if she reaches the maximum amounts of stacks on her passive. Bladesurge is also awesome because it heals you and we all know that if something heals you, you should take it with you to the jungle and get ready to be reported x9 times!
Why Irelia is awesome:

  • Constant attack speed buff
  • The synergy between omnivamp items and her spells
  • Fun and medium difficulty to play

9. Renekton

A very bad alligator. He’s probably upset because the Florida Man gave him a visit. Or maybe he’s just the son of SCP-682 but who knows! But what I know is that this caiman is one of the easiest champions to play in the game. He’s especially useful with newer players and performs greatly in the role of a jungler but why? Let’s take a look at his ability called “Cull The Meek” - it’s a spell that can deal damage to multiple minions at once and heal him for a portion of the damage dealt. His health absorption is further increased if he’s above 50 fury. I also found it easy to catch kills with him so make sure to gank your mid lane from time to time!
Why Renekton is awesome:

  • SCP-682’s less evil brother
  • Sustainbale in the jungle and lane
  • Great ganker
  • Survived an encounter with a wild Florida Man