[Top 10] League of Legends Best Jungler For Carry!


Jul 17, 2021
Here's a list of the best jungler champions that can carry a match!
Here's the link [Top 10] League of Legends Best Jungler For Carry!

So you decided to play jungle the hardest role in the game and you wish to learn it. Why do you hate yourself? Just why? Why do you wish to hurt yourself? Well if you still want to play jungle I’ll try to help you as much as I can. In this article, you’ll learn about champions that can carry the game and get you that sweet sweet LP. In this article, you’ll find all sorts of champions. Some champions are AD, AP, tanks, assassins and bruisers. There’s something for everyone in here! But enough of me talking let’s get into the champions!

10. Olaf


Ragnarok day is coming with him! Bring hell to your enemies!!

At number ten we have Olaf. Well, this guy has a lot of life steal built into his kit so you won’t need to worry about losing much HP while farming especially when you have smite with you. As Olaf, your point is to power farm until you’re an unstoppable killing machine ruining everyone’s day. Olaf isn’t that hard to play in the jungle and his kit is really simple. To start off your most important ability is your Q. With your Q you throw your axe in a general direction and if you manage to catch your axe your cooldown resets. Your ultimate ability allows you to go into blind rage mode stopping over everything and everyone. You are immune to CC while you’re using your ultimate ability!

What makes him a great Jungler and Carry:

  • Lots of healing and lots of damage
  • Immune to CC while using his ultimate ability
  • If you get ahead you’re an unstoppable machine who’s going to win the whole match alone because you don’t need anyone!
See Olaf Jungle into Carry: