[Top 10] League of Legends Best Early Game Champions!


Jul 17, 2021
Hello did you ever wish to dominate the early game in League of Legends that you stomped the enemy in 10 minutes?
Well this list is for you! Here's the link [Top 10] League of Legends Best Early Game Champions!

Hello guys and girls and welcome back to another article of mine. In this article, you’ll find out which champions are best for the early game! This means that in the beginning of the match you’ll dominate your lane and bully the enemy laner so hard that he will question his life choices and why he’s playing this damn game. The main thing with these champions is to get fed as fast as possible so you can end the match in about 20 minutes. But if it does happen that you go into the mid-game you’re still fine so just try your best to not get to the late game because some of the champions fall off and some don’t. But enough about me rambling about nothing that important let’s get into the champions!

10. Nami

She makes for good sushi

Let’s start off this list with Nami and I don’t mean the sexy-looking character from One Piece our Nami is from League of Legends and she’s a fish. Well, she also might be sexy I don’t know what kind of weird stuff you’re into. With Nami either you’ll turn alive champions into dead champions or you’ll get yourself turned into some good ol’ tasty sushi and who doesn’t like sushi right? Nami is a support champion but don’t let that steer you away from her! You won’t be relying on your ADC it’s quite the opposite in fact. They’ll be relying upon you mainly because you have a CC ability, a damage amplifier ability, and a heal now that’s what I call a real support champion!

What makes her Great in Early Game:

  • Can easily poke the opponents
  • Give a damage amplifier to your ADC
  • Has a CC ability that can be used to catch unsuspecting opponents or stop someone from chasing you or your ADC
  • Nami’s ultimate ability is a whole damn wave the damages, knocks up, and slows enemies! (the tidal wave is almost big as the lane)
See Nami Own Hard in Early Game: