[Top 10] League of Legends Best Duelists


Jul 17, 2021
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10. Trundle


Big nose troll.

So let’s kick this list off with a champion that’s relatively easy to play. At number ten we have Trundle “the Troll King”. With Trundle you have two options either to go top or go to the jungle depending on you and your preferred role to play. At the top lane you will be chomping the enemy’s buttocks with your Q “Chomp” until they die while at the jungle you’ll be chomping the buffs and minions so pick your poison. Your Q ability can also be used on turrets and combined with demolish you can push lanes with simple ease. You can use W “Frozen Domain” to catch up to people and stomp on their heads or use your E to block them from escaping or to save yourself when you’re running away with 1% hp while spamming emotes. Your ultimate ability “Subjugate” sucks the life force out of the target enemy champion.

What makes Trundle a great duelist:

  • He can trade easily because of his Q “Chomp” and almost every time you win your trade you can go back to annoying the enemy laner and denying him cs/xp.
  • He can be played in two different roles (top & jungle)
  • He’s an early game champion and can also carry the match in late game.
  • You can use your W and E to catch people or run away
  • His E “Pillar of Ice” can also be used to troll your teammates if they are annoying you
  • His ultimate ability makes survive longer in 1v1 or in a full blown out teamfight.
  • Great at solo pushing
Here’s a more detailed description of Trundle and his abilities:

Trundle (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

9. Yorick


Scary grave digger

At number nine we have Yorick “the Shepherd of Lost Souls”. Yorick is a pretty neat champion coming from the Shadow Isles region of Runterra. When it comes to split pushing especially with the new item “Hull breaker” it’s safe to say he’s one of the best. His passive ability leaves behind graves from minions and champions that he killed. Yorick isn’t a necrophiliac if you were wondering, his graves have a different purpose. His Q is two abilities in one, those are “Last Rites” & “Awakening”. The first Q ability is just an empowered auto-attack that deals extra damage and gives the enemy laner or minions brain damage, because they aren’t brain damaged enough. With his second Q ability can raise little zombie midgets from the graves that were left behind from his passive. If you hit someone with your E, the little zombies will jump on that target and beat them up, this works especially well with your W which is a circular jail. Yorick's ultimate ability summons a female maiden that sucks other people for their life force, it’s safe to say this might be the closest female interaction you might get.

What makes Yorick a great duelist:

  • Has an empowered auto-attack that you can bonk people with and raise zombies from the dead .
  • His W is basically a jail that locks people in it, Yorick and his teammate’s can walk through this.
  • When he summons the Maiden with his ultimate ability. The target that the Maiden is sucking off Yorick deals bonus magic damage based on the enemy’s maximum health.
  • He’s amazing at split pushing lanes and easily gets out when he’s getting ganked.
  • When you hit someone with your E, you will gain bonus movement speed towards the target and the little zombies jump on that target to beat him up.
Here’s a more detailed description of Yorick and his abilities:

Yorick (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

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