[Top 10] League of Legends Best DPS Champions With Explosive Damage!


Jul 17, 2021
Here's the list of champions that can one shot people in the blink of an eye!
[Top 10] League of Legends Best DPS Champions With Explosive Damage

Hello guys and welcome back to another article of mine! In this article, you’ll read about champions that have explosive damage and that can evaporate people in an instant. One second they’ll be there in the other second they won’t be there because you killed them ez pez like that. The reason to play these champions is because it’s so damn fun having removing people from the existence of the universe. But enough of me rambling about nothingness let’s get into the champions!

10. Rengar

Once upon a time, this kitty was banned in every single match. Even if you didn’t know how to play him you would get a penta kill that’s how strong this kitty was. Even now he’s pretty damn strong. He got some buffs and nerfs but he’s still able to remove you from the whole damn game. Playing him now will take you some skill and take a bit of your time to learn him but after a few matches, you should be set. You’ll be able to one-shot people once you get just 1 item and it will take you around 1 second to one-shot them! Oh and how could I forget this kitty’s passive. Shame on me. Well, his passive for each unique champion kill you get bonus AD %. The more AD you have the stronger you are and the faster you can one-shot someone.
What makes Rengar OP:

  • Can one-shot people after 1 item
  • Has a lot of damage
  • Medium learning curve

9. Nasus

Welcome to the doggy doug. This champion loves to stack. The more stacks you have with your Q the more damage it does. If you stack for 20 minutes you’ll be able to just press your Q and one-shot an ADC, Mid laner, Jungler, everything that exists. Nobody won’t be able to survive your bonk ability. You’ll be an unstoppable machine. When it comes to his other abilities they’re god damn simple. His W ankle breaker slows, his E is an AoE damage ability and his R just turns him from a poodle to a rottweiler. He is pretty damn easy to learn not too hard. In just a few minutes you’ll get the hang of him. It doesn’t matter what runes you take for this guy because he just doesn’t care he will run through anything that he wants. He hits like a truck in the late game!
What makes Nasus OP:

  • Easy to learn more games to win
  • Your Q ability when you have a lot of stacks can one-shot people
  • He does not care about a single god damn thing
  • He’s a doug