[Top 10] League of Legends Best ADC That Wreck Hard! 11.13


Jul 17, 2021
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10. Sivir


Look at her running in the sand!

At number ten we have Sivir “the Battle Mistress”. Coming straight from the sand dunes of Shurima we have Sivir. With this champion you’ll be running after your enemies and throwing your weird boomerang looking thing at them while at the same time dealing a massive amount of damage. Not only that but if you take the rune “Dark Harvest” I can reassure you, you’ll be one shotting all the squishy champions without an issue. Your W is a ricochet. It’s simple, your blade just ricochets from enemy unit to enemy unit and each ricochet deals less damage. With your E, you gain a spell shield blocking an oncoming ability. Your ultimate ability you won’t believe what it does it’s way too complex... it’s just a movement speed boost :D. See this champion is really simple and really easy to play.

What makes Sivir a Great ADC:

  • Really simple champion design
  • Deals a lot of damage
  • You can push lanes really fast thanks to your W
  • You can block abilities with your E
  • You can use your ultimate ability to either run away or to catch someone who’s trying to run away
Sivir abilities: Sivir (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

9. Caitlyn


Big scary Sherif lady ;).

At number nine we have Caitlyn “the Sheriff of Piltover”. Ah yes the sexy sheriff character. Let me tell you you’ll have fun playing this champion. If you can do her combo correctly you’ll be able to send the opponent into the shadow realm aka killing them over and over again. Caitlyn’s passive lets you stack, at maximum stacks which is 6 you headshot them dealing bonus damage. If you attack from a bush you gain 2 stacks. Her Q deals 100% physical damage and after that it expands it deals 40% less damage to every other unit hit. Her W is a trap: if someone steps into it Caitlyn can instantly headshot them no matter how many stacks you have. With her E she fires a net in a target direction and dashes backwards. If you hit an opponent by any chance it will slow them. Her ultimate is a point and click ability that locks onto the target, she fires a homing bullet that deals damage to the first enemy champion hit.

What makes Caitlyn a Great ADC:

  • Potential to one shot someone if you do the combo correctly which is: W - Headshot - E - Headshot - R
  • You can use your E in many different ways because it’s a small dash so you can dodge abilities with it or if you hit your E it slows the opponent.
  • Your ultimate ability is a literal homing bullet
  • Has a highschool themed skin ;) have fun boys.
Here’s a more detailed description of Caitlyn and her abilities along with an ownage video:

Caitlyn (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

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