[Top 10] League of Legends Best ADC for Solo Queue


Jul 17, 2021
Do you wish to know what the best ADC champions for League of Legends are? Well worry not read this article!
[Top 10] League of Legends Best ADC For Solo Queue(Latest Patch)

Did you know that being addicted to League of Legends is more hazardous to your health than being addicted to crack? Exactly, welcome to LoL, a game where you will question your morals and sanity. A game where you will be ripping out the hairs out of your head after your jungler fed your enemy mid laner 2 times already.

What else is there to say... Teemo? But back to the topic - I'll be talking about the best ADC's for solo queue currently in 1.16 - but wait, what does ADC stand for? ADC stands for Attack, Damage, Carry - pretty much everyone wants to play as an ADC in LoL, and 99% of players who pick ADC's suck ass. So, let's get started:

10. Twitch

Twitch is a rat that's addicted to crack. He's not gonna stab you with syringes, but he will poison you nonetheless. Besides that, he's also a very sneaky rat, because of his camouflage ability(Q), he's also a great escape artist and not even Tom will catch him. Twitch is generally a champion that does a great deal of AoE, over-time damage. His ultimate is called Spray and Pray, the biggest pro of this ultimate is the range and the piercing ability - this is also his biggest nuke that has great potential if it's synergized well with abilities of other champions on his team. Try this rat out and inject others with unknown substances!
Why is Twitch OP:

  • Can solo carry a match
  • Is very sneaky
  • Can go AP or AD

9. Ashe

Ashe is probably one of the most popular ADC's in LoL, she's obviously more attractive than Twitch(for some this might be debatable) and she's also considered the queen of slows - low cooldown, annoying, disabling slows. She can also consume Ranger's Focus to gain extra attack speed - at that point, you'll be moving 1 kilometer per hour. She can also let her magical birb scout an area for Teemo planting his shrooms everywhere. Powerful slows and massive damage output is sometimes all you need to win a game. Her ultimate is also strong as hell, she shoots out an arrow that deals massive AoE damage and also stuns the primary target - definition of OP!
Why is Ashe OP:
  • Can help her team out with vision thanks to her E
  • Has a lot of slows, can easily catch up to enemies
  • Her ultimate ability is a global CC