News Tom Hanks talks about the future of movie theaters


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Dec 8, 2020
“Even in Los Angeles, it’s a bit hard to go to the movies, isn’t it? You’ve got to drive, you’ve got to park, you’ve got to be there at a very certain time. I love the Arclight. There’s one in Hollywood and one close to where I live. There was a theater that was charging $27 a seat, so people would bring you nachos. They didn’t even have a snack bar that you could stand in line for, you had to pay $27,” Hanks began. “And you had to order from somebody, which means as you’re watching Rocketman, as I did, somebody comes by and says, ‘Can I get you some more cheese on your nachos?’ I said, ‘No, man, I’m good, I’m trying to watch the movie I paid $27 for.’ There is this reality of the viability of exhibiting movies that has been based on the desire for people to see the movie.”


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