"To the Moon" Switch Version Launch Trailer


Nov 16, 2018

To the Moon will be released on Nintendo Switch eshop on Jan 16th 2020 with the normal price being $11.99/€11.99/£10.79, and a two week 20% off sale to celebrate the launch!

To the Moon was originally developed by Freebird game on RPG maker. The Nintendo Switch version is fully remade by X.D. Network via Unity with redrawn graphic but keeping the retro charm. Dive into a dying old man’s memory with the two doctors to fulfill his last wish, experience the heartwarming story of To the Moon.


Mar 27, 2019
That is quite an intriguing beginning as being made with RPG maker. It gets my attention, the premise of reliving your life and choosing one thing to change sounds like it can open some interesting results, I am hoping it has multiple endings depending what you choose to change, even if the protagonist is pretty much one foot on the grave if I understood that trailer. :ROFLMAO:
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