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THPS 1 + 2 requires online activation?


Marked as rumor for now, but a few sites are reporting that the remaster of THPS 1 + 2 may require some form of online activation in order to play, which would leave discs as little more than coasters once the servers are eventually shut off. Assuming this is true, is this likely to affect your decision to buy? For me, this is the hill I will stubbornly die on, so I'll end up leaving it for a year or two till I can pick it up pre-owned on the cheap. I still have my originals on my shelf, so really this was just a nice upgrade for me anyway, but I get that I'm an outlier case.
Is the rumor that it requires constant connection, or just a first time activation when booting it up? I picked it up for PS4, so I wish I knew this before I bought it. I'll have to check out if it works fine without being connected to the internet.
Well if the rumor is that it requires a constant connection, that's not true. I finally tested it out when I unplugged my network cable, and I was still able to play the game.

Still unsure if it required some initial activation or not.
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