Thousands of Dominicans gather in Puerto Plata to hear prophet


Santo Domingo, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of Dominicans gathered in Puerto Plata (north of the country) to follow an 'allegedly enlightened' by God man who prophetizes to cleanse the world from the novel coronavirus.

In total violation of the social distancing mode established in the country to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease, the inhabitants of the aforementioned city walked with the pilgrim named Mildomio Adames, accompanying him to the sea, where he deposited a cross.

The pilgrimage was widely censored on social networks, by politicians and even the Bishop of the Diocese of Puerto Plata, Monsignor Julio Cesar Corniel, who condemned the irruption in the Cathedral of San Felipe Apostol for the danger it represents as a source of spreading the virus.

According to the press, Adames arrived in Puerto Plata after having made a pilgrimage for six days from Village Altagracia, in this capital, and affirmed he had a divine revelation in which he was asked to deposit a cross in the sea to make God end the pandemic.

The Dominican government has constantly exhorted the population not to go out on the streets and to stay home, something which irresponsibly was disobeyed this Sunday in that territory.

The Dominican Republic registers 6,135 infections and 278 deaths due to Covid-19 disease, and the country considers that it is flattening the infection curve, but most Dominicans deem that what happened in Puerto Plata does little to make this goal viable.