Thoughts on controller accessories for gaming console


Have you ever bought any accessories for your console controllers? Things like keyboards or maybe charging docks? I did buy a charging dock for my PlayStation 4 but it broke after a few days. Contacted Amazon about it and they provided a refund and let me keep the product in the end.

Martin Berisford

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I did buy, back on the XBOX 360, a sort of keyboard type thing which was very handy when I was attempting to quickly trash talk people online via messages like the uber troll that I am. It was a handy little thing though, made life a lot easier as I used it often to talk to my friends, log into apps and so on.


Galaxy's Guardian
When I bought a Wii U in 2013, it was the Deluxe edition, and it came with a charging cradle. I guess I could consider that to be something I bought?
(I was originally going to buy a PS4 controller charging dock, but I decided against it.)

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