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Those are not PS5 demo kiosks, says Sony


Update: The kiosks that are being installed in various UK stores are not PS5 demo kiosks, Sony has confirmed.

Sony told IGN that the kiosks currently being set up are “not PS5 related.”

While the installations aren't PS5 related, they’re trying to sell something nonetheless.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Original story: PS5 demo kiosks are being set up in retail stores across the UK, a new report suggests.

A Twitter user shared a PS5-coloured PlayStation stall (above) which includes a couch, TV stand and ports in order to offer players secured controllers to test out games.

It’s possible that the installations could be for the current-gen PS4 but due to the heavy white-and-blue colour scheme it suggests otherwise.

The demo installations haven’t been spotted anywhere else yet, but we’ll keep you updated as learn more.

PS5 is planned for a holiday 2020 release.
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Interesting to see how this is going to work with COVID. Are the staff going to be standing there wiping off everything after each person?


I suppose the hope there is that we'll be "past" the Covid threat by the time these are actively in use, but you do make a valid point. Going to have to be careful with people using those in person!


Looks to me they were generic. PS 5 wont be doiing show off before September or after that. I think it's way too early for them to do any showcasing through the kiosks. I assume this could be experience demo they have been testing for the customer.
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