There will not be a WWE 2K21, confirmed by WWE

I stopped playing them years ago, after THQ gave up the series! I found the 2K games were so unplayable. :(
I can understand how many games and their events are cancelling.After all they need whole team active and its hard to do everything from the work from home and remote situation. I guess it was coming eventually.
One of the best features in the old games was the CAW mode, which became more uncomfortable by the year. Not only that, but you could use custom soundtracks. This was easy to do. You just made a playlist with one track. Due to copyright or maybe people complaining about offensive lyrics, this was stopped. But in general, 2K made them glitchy and pretty much unplayable. Even the patches would mess up your data. It was no fun. Also, some of the character models looked like playdough.

So yeah. A break is necessary to capitalise on what to do next.
The worst thing that companies do is get the life of the workers into risk. And instead they shoould ask them to update the youtube and other platforms daily with content instead. This way they can recover the physical presence based events.

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