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I see you're making some changes again. Is the dark theme not yet available? I click the switcher on the left to go to dark theme, but it says page not found. I can't find an option to change to another theme elsewhere. This current light theme is killing my eyes...I'm not even sure if I have retinas anymore.


I like the theme but for it to be complete would be nice if there was a dark alternative for users who preferred dark. @JoyFreak isn't there a dark UI.X pro? You could probably work in a dark alternative easily and just copy over your template edits from UI.X pro light. Probably would mainly be copy/paste and not take as long I assume.


Hi @LividJay ,

We apologize you feel this way. We are trying our best to push for a dark theme release as soon as it's ready. Please bear with us.

Many thanks
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It is pretty neat to have an option to switch between light and dark. Both look pretty good as far as I have seen.
I'll stick with the light one but I definitely like seeing a dark theme option. :)
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