The World Health Organisation officially classifies 'gaming disorder' as an illness

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
I read this article the other day and I've just found it again and I thought I had to share this one here. The World Health Organisation has officially listed 'gaming disorder' as a disease. You can actually read about it here - Gaming disorder - seems to be more of a be aware style thing at the moment as it says that all gamers should become more aware of how much time they are spending on games.

What do you think about this? Is this some kind of media-hyped disorder or a genuine issue for some people?
It's a genuine issue for some. I knew a girl who had a addiction to playing League of Legends. She was one of my childhood friends, she moved back to our home town back in 2014 with her mother. At the time she had a bit of money saved up, but her mother didn't. They barely had any furniture, because her mother had to sell most of it. So instead of helping her mother and buying furniture, she bought a better laptop to keep playing League of Legends. There was once a time when I came over to hang out with her, like the good old days. She freaked out and told her mom to tell me to go back home because she wanted to play LoL and didn't want to hang out. Her mom had to force her to stop playing to hang out with me. She was 22 at the time, and she couldn't even keep a job because she was addicted to LoL. Her mom eventually kicked her out and she moved in with her ex at the time. I worked with her mother and asked about her a few years after that. She said she's doing better, but seemed to be a bit hesitant whenever I'd ask about her afterwards... You may seem it's a joke, but for some who may have a addictive personality, gaming could take over their lives.
I think this is real issues especially how the rehabs been opening lately. I know that some kids and even adults have been the victim of the computers and the gaming. So yeah this is going to be very serious issue in real world soon.
I can see why someone would get addicted and sacrifice things in life to play it, I mean MMOs are near endless if you think about it.
I think health wise the gaming has proven to be addictive. And many people have troubles over their addiction and emotions. So it's definitely something bad I'd say. And WHO and the many NGO all over the world are pretty much right about the way it is affecting new generation.
There is always that possibility that addiction to gaming can pose a real problem to a lot of people out there. What we, gamers, should always try to do is to ensure that we have a lot of things planned out on a daily basis and that involves not trying to game every now and then when we should be getting involved in real life activities.
I think the success of the youtube and many other similar online channels for gaming had made people think that just playing and streaming the games it would end up making them money. And that means more and more people are going to compete from the young age. And this may lead to frustration too.
I think it’s realising that addiction is illness in the same way as diabetes, i would rather be addicted to video games and make it a passion , then be addicted to drugs, alcohol etc and cause problems for society.
sure it could happen with video games or anything. you can call it a disorder, if you want to give it some label or name. and then likewise call the other addictions a disorder::.. addiction to work, smoking, anger, eating, complaining.. we can become addicted to anything. the root is unmet needs.. not feeling worthy. so the addiction is a way to fill the void. the only way out is to go within and begin cleaning those memories. but calling an addiction a disorder.. i'm not sure what it accomplishes.

as for gaming, i think in our society it's easy to think anyone who loves gaming is addicted. parents worry their kids are becoming addicted. give them love, understanding, respect, them feel worthy and capable.. and the likelihood of gaming becoming an addiction is going to low. however, that doesn't mean they aren't going to just love gaming and that it will be a joyful experience for them and they will want to do it a lot and often. but it's two very different things. addiction, and having a strong passion for something.

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