The Top 5 Kenshi Best Farm Base Locations


Mar 25, 2021

Food is scarce in Kenshi and there are two ways of getting food - stealing it from already half-starved bandits or starting your farm in which you can grow your wheat, rice, vegetables, and even cactuses. If you want more nutrition, you can combine those various foods into stuff like Dustwiches, Gohan, Meatcubes plus other things.

Of course, each zone has different fertility and we’re gonna discuss the best zones for farming - let’s begin with:

5. Okran’s Pride​


Not so friendly towards non-humans.

Okran’s Pride, as you all probably know, is the land of the Holy Nation, which means that they’re gonna look down upon you if you happen to be a Shek and god forbid, a Skeleton. It’s advisable to hide somewhere, far from the roads, and start your little farm in your little outpost. These lands are perfect for growing wheat and bread is known for keeping you satied. Try not to get enslaved, though!

Why this zone is awesome for farming:
  • Excellent wheat farming speed
  • Especially great if you’re a human

4. The Swamp​


Welcome to the rice fields, mothafu-

The Swamp is known for not very friendly people and bandits that will occasionally raid your outpost. Don’t worry too much about them though, they’re weak and The Swamp is an excellent place for rice farming that you can combine with vegetables, which will give you Gohan. Hooray!

Fertility is out of the roof in this zone and the farming speed should be super-duper fast!

Why this zone is awesome for farming:
  • Rice
  • Allows you to farm vegetables, that you can turn into Gohan if mixed with rice