The Top 5 Dishonored 2 Best Bonecharms


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Mar 25, 2021

Bonecharms are those small little things that you find scattered all across the zones that you explore. The easiest way of finding bonecharms is by equipping “The Heart”, afterwards icons of runes and bonecharms should pop up, scattered around the zone that you’re exploring(and the distance to them).

Bonecharms are kick-ass, they are artifacts which after being placed in your slot, will give you a little bonus that can become handy in specific situations. Today, I’ll be telling you about my Top 5 bonecharms that improved my gameplay greatly in Dishonored 2 - Let’s get to it!

5. Swift Shadow​


Creep faster today!

This bonecharm will boost your movement speed while sneaking - it’s useful if you prioritize mobility while still staying undetected, or you just want to catch up with folk walking away from you when you’re just trying to kill them. So impolite!

Swift Shadow details:​

  • The location of this bonecharm is randomized
  • You can break this bonecharm and stack it(you will become a Super Sonic)

Why Swift Shadow is awesome:​

  • Crafting an x4 Swift Shadow bonecharm will double your sneaking speed
  • Becomes significantly useful if you want to catch up with enemies
  • Makes you a little bit more mobile

4. Spirit Water​


Reminds me of my disgusting school bathrooms!

This thing allows you to restore mana by drinking tap water. Back in the first part of Dishonored, I remember praying to the RNG god to finally find this bonecharm - cuz each time I play Dishonored, I panic, waste 100% of my mana, run out of mana potions and look for sinks to restore my mana. Every. Damn. Time.

Spirit Water Details:​

  • You can also drink water from fountains to restore mana
  • Restores your mana to full
  • Sinks can be found in apartments and on roofs

Why Spirit Water is awesome:​

  • A pretty noob-friendly bonecharm - useful for those that struggle with mana management
  • Sinks and fountains are pretty common and easy to find which makes it a reliable bonecharm

3. Spiritual Sacrifice​


Come here, my babies!

This bonecharm allows you to regain mana from killing rats and blood flies - it’s awesome because as in the Dishonored series, there are billions of rats everywhere. It synergizes well with some of Corvo’s powers and is most of the time a guarantee of restoring your mana to full. Awesome bonecharm!

Spiritual Sacrifice Details:​

  • You can restore mana by killing rats found in sewers, alleys, apartments, etc
  • You can also restore mana by killing blood flies found in abandoned/infested apartments, dumpsters, etc
  • Each rat restores a small portion of mana

What’s awesome about the Spiritual Sacrifice:​

  • One trip to a sewer/infested apartment = full mana!
  • Awesome if you hate rats. Or spooky flying red flies of doom!
  • Synergizes well with Devouring Swarm

2. Unnerving Target​


You dropped somethin’, bud.

So what’s this? It causes your targets to sometimes make fools of themselves by throwing a grenade or debris under their feet. This bonecharm is awesome if you want to kill multiple enemies with a single grenade, of course, if RNG Jesus is on your side. It can also be a lifesaver if you’re about to die and one of the pricks trying to kill you blows himself up and his buddies to pieces!

Unnerving Target Details:​

  • Moderate chance of foes dropping a grenade/debris under their feet

What’s awesome about the Unnerving Target:​

  • Causes AoE damage
  • Can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations
  • Especially good in tight places

1. Whirlwind​


The best bonecharm IMO!

Whirlwind is a combat bonecharm, which increases the attack speed of your sword - from my experience, I was always looking forward to getting this bonecharm as it always made me faster than the NPC’s trying to kill me, I could always strike before they could block and it’s hands down the most useful bonecharm I can think of.

Whirlwind synergizes well with other bonecharms and works great when fighting multiple enemies - it’s just simply too bad that the locations of bonecharms are mostly randomized. Hope you get this one as soon as possible - truly the best!

Whirlwind Details:​

  • Slightly increases attack speed
  • Stackable
  • Synergizes with other bonecharms

What’s awesome about the Whirlwind:​

  • Allows you to efficiently outspeed your enemies
  • Makes blocking harder for enemies
  • Great for fighting multiple groups of enemies
  • Mixes well with bonecharms such as: Leech Cuts, Cornered Animal, and other combat-related bonecharms


Those were my most favorite bonecharms I have encountered in Dishonored 2. I included bonecharms that synergize well with the main character’s powers and other bonecharms, focus both on combat and defensive capabilities and those that restore your mana.

I personally never collected all of the bonecharms in Dishonored 2, either because I was too lazy to crack down a code or I couldn’t figure out a way to the bonecharm - but these 5 are the most useful ones I can think of and I’m 100% sure you should use them too!

Have fun slaughtering and thank you for reading my article, ciao!


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