The Top 3 Dishonored 2 Best Powers for Emily and Corvo


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Mar 25, 2021
Dishonored 2 Best Powers for Emily, Dishonored 2 Best Powers for Corvo

Howdy guys, do you like to slaughter people in video games? Well, slaughtering people in Dishonored 2 can get very creative and satisfying as hell - attaching a spring razor to a decapitated head and throwing it at a group of people causing mass dismemberment or slowing time, shooting arrows from your crossbow at 5 different targets, and killing all of them at the same time. This game is just too amazing!

I’ll share with you my 3 most favorite powers - they’ll focus on assassinating your foes, sneaking right past them, or just having fun with some NPC’s before violently slaughtering them! Anyways, let’s started with my favorite powers in Dishonored 2:

3. Shadow Walk​


Spooky. Reminds me of some terrifying Asian horror movie I’ve watched as a kid!

Shadow Walk allows you to morph into a shadowy, ghost-like creature that can sneak past your opponents and even execute them with two terrifying arms grabbing your target and ripping him/her apart. It’s especially useful if you’re wounded and need to escape and/or recover(This power costs 4 runes).


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