The Top 25 Dishonored 2 Best Settings That Give You An Advantage


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Mar 25, 2021
Dishonored 2 Best Settings

Howdy guyz. Killing folk in Dishonored 2 is pretty fun, ya know, the good old slicing NPC’s in half, cutting their legs off, perhaps swiftly decapitating their head off their shoulders, but did you know that you could get an edge by fiddling around with the settings?

Yes, if you change some of your in-game settings you could make life easier for yourself and annihilate everything in your playthrough more smoothly - I’ll be talking about the most important settings in Dishonored 2 that will boost your performance, your combat capabilities, and other useful settings. Anyways, let’s get to it:

25. Crosshair Style​

How to change your crosshair:​

Pretty simple, you go to Gameplay>HUD>Crosshair Style and change or turn off your crosshair.

Why it’s useful:​

The best crosshair in my opinion is the “normal” one as it represents just a tiny dot in the middle of your screen, works best for headshots and aiming in general.

How to change your crosshair:​

Click on the arrow next to the option and select a crosshair that fits you the most(normal/simple), or you could just turn it off if you’re looking for a challenge!

24. Quick Save/Quick Load​

Changing your keys for saving and loading:​

The default key for saving is F5, and the default key for loading your save is F9 - I don’t like the keys they are binded to by default, so I just changed them to F1 and F2.

Why it’s useful:​

For me, it made my game easier to save in crucial moments.

How to change your keys:​

Click on the setting key tab and click on a key that you want to bind it to.


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