The Top 25 Best Survival Games That Are Amazingly Fun


Mar 25, 2021

I’m gonna tell you about some of my most favorite survival games of all time. Survival games are one of my favorites - I spent countless hours in games like Kenshi, Rust, and many more awesome titles. If you like games where you’ll be running around butt-naked, being chased around by creatures with long necks, then this article is definitely for you - let’s begin!

25. Rust​

Rust has been blessed with many updates and many changes in the last couple of years. I still remember when Frankieonpc used to play that game, he’d gather an army of naked men and women with nothing but boulders in their hands. All that, for nothing, as in the end he ended up getting banned.

The game is awesome - a memefest that will keep you addicted for hours on end!