The Top 20 Alien Shooter Games With Great Gameplay


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Mar 25, 2021
Alien Shooter Games

Alien Shooter Games - the games where your space pistol goes pew-pew and green liquid comes out of the spooky aliens. I love those sorts of games, especially the Half-Life series and the Dead Space series, generally games where you are in a FUBAR atmosphere in an even more grim and hopeless situation.

In this article I’ll discuss the following points in the listed games:
  • Plot
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Controls

Anyways, let’s get to it and start with our 15th:

20. The Thing​

The plot takes place a few weeks after the end of the movie, 2 military rescue teams arrive at Outpost 31 to find out why the base stopped communicating. Team Alpha, under the leadership of Cpt. Pierce, was sent to the Norwegian facility to investigate. Team Bravo was ordered to stay in the American facility, shortly after they’re ordered to travel to the Norwegian Outpost after contact was lost with team Alpha.

Poop hits the fan very fast, an extraterrestrial lifeform can imitate the physical appearance and behavior of other living organisms - that means HUMANS. The game does a great job of keeping you paranoid and alone, keeping you safe and paradoxically in danger at the same.

Graphics are obviously a bit outdated but look fairly decent for its release date(2002). Controls to some might feel clunky or uncontrollable but meh, they’re good enough for me. Try it out if you’re a boomer, you might enjoy it!

19. Quake 1​

I obviously won’t talk about the graphics in this game, but I simply had to include this game as it is one of the first video games I have ever played, I was always goddamn terrified of those floating thingies that spit some weird crap at you!

When it comes to the plot, you start as a “Ranger” and your job is to kill some mofo called “Shub-Niggurath”. Unfortunately for you, all your homies got wasted by the evil aliens and now it’s only up to you to destroy the spooky aliens.

The hype for this game was pretty crazy back in the 90’s, it has both single-player and multiplayer. I still remember it to this day when I was 3 years old and my brother introduced me to this game, a truly fascinating game that paved the way for the FPS genre!

18. SCP Containment Breach​

The SCP Foundation makes sure that specific creatures, anomalies, and locations are being kept away from the public eye at all cost. One of the most infamous creatures is the SCP-173, or better yet a statue that moves only when nobody is looking at it. It’s also extremely dangerous, as it can in a blink of an eye snap your neck!

You wake up in a cell as class D personnel, you ended up in there because you’re a convict and now you’re forced to work for them as a guinea pig. They tell you to get inside a room with the SCP-173, unfortunately for the SCP foundation, crap hits the fan when the power went out, allowing the SCP-173 to go on a rampage. You’re supposed to get the F out of there and of course, encounter other SCP’s on your way. Lovely!


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