The Top 15 DayZ Admin Commands You Should Know


Mar 25, 2021
DayZ Admin Commands You Should Know

What does the picture have to do with the name of the article? Nothing, I had no clue about what the main image I was supposed to put here, so I put a picture of a boar getting flipped off. Also, not all of the points below will have a picture(hope I haven’t rustled your jimmies).

But I was gettin’ a bit off-topic there, today’s article going to be about console commands - I’ll be talkin’ about how they work and why they’re important. Console commands are awesome if you’re planning on starting a server of your own or if you want to kick a cheating prick, maybe you want to spawn zombies in someone’s base, who knows! Let’s begin with number 15:

15. #login​


Now he’s here.

So, what’s this supposed to be? This command allows you to log into your server as the administrator. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the console commands(aka kicking players, etc).

14. #logout​


And now he’s gone.

Pretty self-explanatory, you use this command to log out as an administrator. Admins get commands for literally everything!