The Top 15 Best Turn-Based RPGs With Great Adventure


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Mar 25, 2021

Howdy. I wrote plenty of articles about turn-based games and I’ve been doing pretty “well” in writing those, so why shouldn’t I write another one? So that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing in this article - talking to you about the best turn-based RPGs with awesome storylines, combat mechanics that blend into an awesome adventure - let’s get straight into it!

15. Griftlands​

I’ve included this game plenty of times in my previous articles, but that’s only because of how epic this game is. Do you know who made Griftlands? The same company who made Don’t Starve - that’s evidence, that this game will be dope!

The game will revolve around you shaping your storyline with your decisions - whether you wanna mess with people like a jerk, steal from them, or perhaps make alliances - those tiny things will decide your future fate. The game is sick - try it out!

14. ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game​

Somewhen around in 1986’ two powerful power blocks decided to annihilate each other with their large nuclear arsenals. On the bad side, everyone is almost dead, on the good side, you get to play in a post-apocalyptic hellhole, somewhere in the USSR.

Many awesome quests await you, random encounters, and difficult gameplay - the game is very similar to the previous Fallout games, both graphically and gameplay-wise. Awesome!


A pretty cool JRPG where you’ll go on an epic, Mario-like adventure, slay a trillion of monsters, and in general have an awesome experience. When I mentioned the Mario graphics, I meant it, the game looks very similar - with a pinch of 3D to it.

In terms of gameplay - you’ll be able to pick 1 out of 8 characters with unique personalities and abilities. You’ll have followers that will help you slay various creatures and get immersed by this games incredible storyline.

12. Wildermyth​

The game feels like it’s made out of paper - but as simple as it sounds, the game will intrigue you with its awesome storyline and as time progresses, you’ll feel proud of who you’ve become - from a peasant, into an admirable knight!

Complex combat combined with awesome characters and a storyline will keep you in this game for hours on end. If you don’t care about the graphics and love games for their simplicity, this game is most definitely for you!


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