The Top 15 Best Indie Survival Horror Games


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Mar 25, 2021
Best Indie Survival Horror Games

Do you like games where you run away from a pack of wolves with barely any HP left? Do you like games where you can either freeze to death or watch your skin melt off due to acidic rains? Great, I’d like to introduce to you some of the best indie games out there that you can find mostly on Steam and other gaming platforms!

Games listed in this article will focus on either realism or Sci-Fi elements, due to these games being indie I won’t mention their graphics cuz they are sh-I mean indie! But anyway, let’s get to it and start with our first game:

15. Going Medieval​

It’s also worth noting that it’s easier than Rimworld, I’m getting a feeling that this game was designed for more casual players, and to be honest, that’s a good thing - I’m sick of tryharding instead of having fun! So what you’re waiting for? Build your settlement today and look after your folk, like the good kind you are!

14. Dust to the End​

Ruskies and Americans couldn’t get along with each other and decided to start a nuclear war. Thanks, you pricks! Now you’re forced to wander around the scorched wastelands of the former civilization that you were once part of and choose your own destiny in this inhumane landscape - it’s up to you whether you want to loot, scavenge, be diplomatic, fight or maybe even… raid innocent people? Like I said, you can be whoever you wish in this game, whether good or evil.


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