The Top 15 Best Indie Games With Great Story


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Mar 25, 2021

What’s up boyz and gurlz, today I’ll be talking about indie games with awesome storylines. One thing that I’ve noticed about indie games is that the producers usually put more heart and effort into their storylines than some of the AAA developers.*ek khem* Blizzard *ek khem*.

But I’m not here to talk smack about other companies, I’m here to discuss a list of the best low-budget indie games with incredible storylines - some of them will be disturbing, some of ‘em will be weird, one game over there might be sad and another one will be the best! Anyways, let’s get started with our first game:

15. A Way Out​

You’re stuck in jail. But here’s the trick, you’re not alone! This is a co-op game where you’ll be bailing out of jail with one of your friends. But you better have a friend, otherwise, you’ll have to play on both monitors while talking to yourself!

The game doesn’t end in jail - you get out into the free world and complete tasks there, sometimes cops will want to book you again and you’ll be on a constant journey of staying free and dodging cops that will lead to an emotional ending. Sad/Fun/Awesome is what I would give this game!

14. Kingdom Come: Deliverance​

This game might take you 70-80 hours to finish it and apparently it’s based on a true story. In 1403, Weneclas became the new king of Bohemia and someone really wasn’t into that idea. That someone is Sigismund - Weneclas’s half-brother who’s a greedy bastard and decided to kill and jail everyone.

But you’re not playing as Sigismund or Weneclas, you’ll be playing as some guy called Henry. You didn’t have it easy, your home was completely destroyed and your family was brutally murdered - it’ll be up to you whether you want to be a psychopath, slaughtering everyone on your path, or being more moral. It’s like Skyrim, but without the magic n stuff!

13. Disco Elysium - The Final Cut​

Jesus Christ, this game is grim. Reminds me a lot of Max Payne, but from a top-down perspective and with less action. You’ll be playing as a detective in a gritty city, interrogating people and obviously suffering from some mind-affecting illness. (Possible schizophrenia as well).


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