The Top 15 Awesome RPGs With Character Creation


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Mar 25, 2021
RPGs With Character Creation

One thing that I love about certain RPGs is the character creation. You always want to look unique, perhaps add orange hair to your orc in Skyrim, or maybe make your Fallout 4 character look like a disturbing abomination!
In any case, I’ll be talking about the RPGs with the best character creation options. I’ll spare you the intro and get straight into it:

15. Cyberpunk 2077​

Wake up, samurai. You’ve got to write some dumb crap about Cyberprank 2069. One thing this game does well is the character customization - you can a pee-pee to a woman. Hooray, so progressive!

On a more serious note, this game lets you customize to high degrees - it lets you choose between a male and a female, series of cool and weird or ridiculous haircuts, eye color, and some fancy robotic stuff attached to your skin. I also think this is the least buggy part of the game!

14. WoW: Classic​

Howdy. Would you like to play as a jawless Undead? Or perhaps as a pickle(aka on Orc)? Whichever race you’re gonna pick, you’ll be able to greatly customize it - choose from a long range of facial features, hair styles+color, skin color, and a few more things.

Some races have more features than other races. I personally always picked the Undead with no jaw and a Tomahawk haircut. Weird but cool!

13. Baldur's Gate 3​

In contrary to WoW: Classic, characters in this game actually look pretty. You’ll be able to change their faces if they don’t appeal to you too much, if they sound too wack, don’t worry, you can give them a badass voice that you’ll listen to for the rest of the game!


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