The Top 10 League of Legends Best Top Lane Champions!


Jul 17, 2021

Have you ever felt like being alone and you don’t want anyone bothering you at all? Well if you have the top lane is for you. Here in this article, you’ll find the best champions for this lane that are able to carry games like no other.

Some champions will be easy while others will be hard to play. But in the end, it all comes down to your preference so I’ll try to include some of everything to spice up the champion pool.

When it comes to the top lane your priority is getting objectives and pushing the lanes and getting that chicken dinner winner!

10. Sion


Champions is made for inting and feeding!

At here we have the champion that helped the one and only Bausffs reach rank 1 in EUW. Yes, this champion that you’re looking at right now helped him reach rank 1 in the top lane. Now how did he do it? Well, it’s simple. He inted his games and once his opponent had a huge shutdown he took it and gained a huge lead and by also building lethality on him.

Sion is a special case where once he dies he respawns in his undead form being squishy af but also deals a lot of damage and that damage is amplified if he has lethality items.

Sion’s abilities go as follows: his Q is a charge-up ability that knocks people up and deals damage once fully charged, with W he gives himself a shield that can explode, with E he can either kick air or a minion slowing anyone that gets hit by it. With his ultimate ability, Sion starts yelling and running at a fast pace leaving everyone in the dust while drifting behind a corner.

That’s Sion ladies and gentlemen.

What makes him great for Top:
  • He’s able to take a beating and survive
  • Has a second life if he died in the first one
  • Can’t be stunned, CC’d or knocked up while he’s using his R ability

9. Shen


Be nice to these guys and they will save you!

Here we have the tanky ninja called Shen. Let me get the bad things out of the way about this champion. The only bad thing about Shen is that he’s not being played a lot. That’s it really! I can’t think of a single thing that’s bad about him. Everything about his kit is really good and can benefit the team a lot.

The reason why people don’t play him is that his kit is kinda boring compared to other champions and he’s more of a support than a carry. So if you have a friend who likes playing Shen you two will climb ranked in no time.

Let’s take a quick glance at his abilities. Starting off with his Q Shen pulls his spirit sword towards him, if the sword passes through any opponents they’ll be slowed and take a bit of damage.The W spawns an AoE area around his sword and if anyone is outside of that area they’ll miss their auto-attacks. Thanks to E Shen is able to dash around and with his ultimate ability, Shen can target an ally that’s low HP or full HP giving them a huge shield and saving them from imminent death.

So make sure to be nice to your Shen players or they will not save you :).

What makes him great at Top:
  • Plays the role of a support top laner
  • His W can be used to win trades
  • Able to save your sorry butt from death after you tried diving under their damn home base
  • Be nice to Shen and Shen will be nice to you :D



Mar 1, 2022
Sett, Shen, Camille, Urgot. Before someone complains that Camille isn't a suitable option for Low Elo, practice makes perfect. Getting good with Camille now will be easier if you get good with her in High Elo. But personally, I would choose Shen. Shen will forever be good, and you also learn to pay attention to your unit and improve your macro play. You can build a full tank or get redemption after your mythic if you feel extreme. When I began playing, I always chose him, but, to be honest, I was good just because I had indications of what to do from Now, I have learned to play on my own though.