The Top 10 League of Legends Best One Trick Champions!


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Jul 17, 2021

So you’re done with maining multiple champions and want to only play one champion for the rest of your life. Well, then you’re in luck because one tricks exist. Now, what does a one-trick mean well it means that they’re highly skilled at one champion and they’re dog water at other champions. If you’re prepared for that well then this article is for you. But be warned that if they ban your champion you should either dodge or possibly make your team dodge because you’re going to feed your ass off trust me. You can one trick any champion that you wish but this article will show you the best champions for you to put your time in. Now enough of me blabbering about nothing let’s get into the champions!

10. Riven


Best champion in the whole damn game hands down!

Let’s start off our list with Riven “the Exiled Blade”. Now you might be wondering why is Riven at number 10. Well, reader because she’s really hard to play and get used too you’ll spend most of your time practicing with her than with any other champion on this list. She is not easy to play at all I’m warning you. You will feed and int your first 10-20 matches that you play with her. But even tho she’s hard to play she’s really fun once you get used to her abilities and how they work. You’ll have a lot of combos to experiment with her and once you do the world is your oyster. Now go into the game and start playing Riven!

What makes her a great One Trick Champion:
  • Really fun to play you won’t get bored
  • Lots of damage to deal out to your wonderful and happy opponents
  • AoE CC :)
  • Free dash kek


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