The Top 10 Free Survival Games That Are Excellent


Mar 25, 2021

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be presenting you a lengthy list of games that are based on F2P survival. Some of them will be old, some of them will be new, that game will be popular, the other one - not so much. Enough babbling, let’s get into our first game!

10. Fallout Shelter​

The world was engulfed in flames, after a couple of countries couldn’t handle their differences in any other way than nuking each other to oblivion. Your job is to look after a group of survivors that took refugee in an underground shelter. Make sure they’re stacked up with food, water, make their existence as comfortable as possible and put smiles on their face. It’s a cool game with a crafting system and it’ll leave you with a sense of progression.