The Top 10 Best Strategy War Games That Are Amazing


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Mar 25, 2021
Best Strategy War Games

This article is totally for you if you fancy games where you have to strategize your every move, manage your resources, stack on supplies, and take over lands for your beloved empire. We’ll be reviewing a list of video games with varying graphics, gameplay, and general awesomeness!

I’ve done my share of gaming in strategy war games and my experience was always positive, it’s not my most favorite genre, but a fun one nonetheless. Hope I don’t start a poopstorm over nerds fighting over which game is better. Anyways, let’s get to it:

10. Holdfast: Nations At War​

A game where you will either experience epic, large-scale battles taking place in the Napoleonic Era or just idiots spamming their microphones and charging solo against a line of musket fire. The game has the potential to be immersive, but it’s unfortunately ruined by other players trolling - which you can consider a good thing!

Graphics are relatively good, gameplay can be either epic or amusing, size of servers can reach up to 150 players, thus large-scale battles are always a guarantee. Try this game out, it’s an epic memefest!


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